Waterproof Silicone Bibs, Soft Rubber Bib Wipe Off Roll Up Boys Girls Unisex, Set of 3 Baby Feeding Bibs for Toddlers

Tornaqui baby bibs are made in silicone , all the materials reach to FDA level, odorless and BPA free. We care about baby's health ,safe and happiness, so we have designed this kind of baby bibs: Ergonomic design for baby's neck,soft silicone edge and round neckline curve protects baby's fragile skin, adjustable neckband can follow the speed of babies' growth , only 1 time purchase can cover the need of bibs from 6 month to 6 years old. Easy cleanup and pack, when baby finished the meal, you only need wipe away the mess ,roll it up and put it in the bracket, no more else work for Mummy. Travel friendly you can put it in everywhere you want,it occupy less space, you even can put it in your pockets even though it's weird. Anyway, this kind of bibs is extremely light and small.Hope you try!
Dimensions: 98 x 839 x 921
Size: F
Condition: New

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