Baby Safety Locks Kit(48 pack)- Contain Adjusted Baby Safety Locks&Cabinet Lock&Safe Edge and Corner Cushion&Outlet Plugs&Door Stopper Cushion-Easy to Install & Remove - Premium Quality!

Before you know it, your baby will be crawling, walking and getting into everything. Protect them with a complete home safety kit .Babies are naturally curious, especially once they're strong enough to scoot around the floor and start opening up cabinets and drawers. And while it's great to let them explore and expand their imagination, you also have to protect them from getting into dangerous areas around your home. That's why we've created the Complete Home Safety Kit for growing children. Product Details: Easy Installation Adjustable Design Compatible with Cabinets, Drawers ,Refrigerator ,Toilet and More Difficult for child to open but easy for parents to install and use High-quality, non-toxic material 48-Piece Set Includes: -6x Adjustable Baby Safety Locks - 6x Cabinet Locks -10x Corner Protectors -1x Corner Guards(6.6inch) -20x Plug Socket Covers - 2x Keys -3xDoor Stop
Dimensions: 449 x 559 x 839
Color: Mixed color
Condition: New

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