Martheroll Video Baby Monitor,Wireless IP Camera Home Security Camera 720P HD Night Vision(Gold)

Simple and quick set up You can easily connect this wireless ip camera securely to your home Wi-Fi network and smartphone (iPhone, Samsung etc.) Just plug in the camera, download the app for free, enter the camera details and your router password and you are good to go. You can also enter a custom password in the app to access the camera for added security Talk and Listen with Two-Way Audio The Wifi camera with built-in speaker and microphone allows you to be there to talk and listen the love you care about. Whether on your computer or smartphone, everything you say or hear will come through clearly and instantly, so you can talk and listen like you never left. Audio and Motion Detection Alarms Get alerts to your phone or tablet if the camera detects movement or sound. The app does not even have to be running for the alerts to come through and you can set the sensitivity in the app. This means you don't have to watch the screen to know your baby is OK Enhanced Pan/Tilt Features Slide the smartphone screen, you will always get control over what you're watching. View an entire area with horizontal rotating 355 degree and vertical 90 degree viewing angle. Night Vision Camera: see in the dark up to 30 feet Night vision technology allows you to get a crystal clear picture, even in total darkness. The wifi camera has 13 IR LEDs which provide up to 30 feet of night vision. With the ability to light up an entire room at night, you'll never be in the dark again. Note:This wireless ip camera only supports 2.4G WiFi,It can't supports 5G WiFi.Most routers use one of 2 different frequencies... 2.4GHz (which is better for covering more distance) and 5.0GHz (which is typically better speed).Most routers have both 2 frequencies,you simply login to your 2.4GHz network to finish connecting.
Dimensions: 500 x 670 x 880
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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