Fleur Alpine Organic Gluten Free Baby Cereal, 6.17 oz/ 175 g (Rice Hypoallergenic No Milk)

Recommended for babies from 4 months Ingredients: whole rice flour*, vitamin В1 *organic agriculture Product features: No added milk No added sugar No added salt Gluten free Fleur Alpine ORGANIC cereal "Rice hypoallergenic": - Made from selected organic raw materials - Made from whole grain, thus securing its biological nutrition value - Easily absorbed and digested due to tender consistency - Delicious flavor and aroma Instructions: Cereal could be prepared on breast milk, infant formulae or water. 1. Pour 200 ml of liquid into a clean bowl, boil if needed and cool it down to 50°C. 2. Gradually add 5-6 table spoons (about 25 grams) of dry cereal, stirring constantly until homogeneous state is achieved. 3. Leave until desired consistency is achieved. Check the cereal temperature before feeding (about 37°C). Feeding recommendations: Start to introduce cereal carefully with 1 tea spoon of the ready product. The recommended amount of ready cereal at 4-6 months is 150 g, by 8 months - 180 g and by 12 months - 200 g. Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby fruit puree or fruits could be added to the ready cereal. Do not use the leftover food for next feeding. Nutritional value in 100 g of the product: Energy - 381 kcal Protein - 8,1 g Carbohydrates - 80,0 g Fat - 2,4 g Fibers - 3,5 g Minerals: Sodium 15 mg Vitamin В1 - 0,44 mg Shelf life: 18 months from the production date stated on the box Storage conditions: Store at the temperature no more than +25°С and humidity - no more than 75%. Store in a dry cool place no more than 2 weeks after opening. Close bag tightly after each use.
Dimensions: 181 x 512 x 787
Condition: New

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