Strawberry & milk stick type 18gX12 present to cheer the "not enough" of Morinaga children

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Product introduction - "not enough" of child nutrition compounding, nutrition adjustment food to alleviate the worries of the mother due to "eat uneven unbalanced diet", is the stick type. - The "iron, calcium" shortfall of the day, you can take the "DHA" to cheer the smart force to deliciously easy in this product one. -16 Kinds of vitamins and minerals have been balanced mix. - Immune component to strengthen the body "bifidobacteria" "lactoferrin", mom wants to give to the children, "dietary fiber", has blended the ingredients "lutein" to protect the eyes. - Is a peace of mind mom is given to the children, "and clean aftertaste." - Strawberry flavor that children prefer. - Want to give as a habit of every day of children, it is a milk powder type that children of disease was to meet the needs of a worry mom. - For children from the time the baby food is finished. Nutritional component [one (18g) per amount of heat: 81kcal, Protein: 1.8g, fat: 3.2g, carbohydrates: 11.2g, dietary fiber: 0.54g, sodium: 41mg, Vitamin A: 121ƒÊg, vitamin B1: 0.16mg , vitamin B2: 0.17mg, vitamin B6: 0.18mg, vitamin B12: 0.29ƒÊg, vitamin C: 12mg, vitamin D: 0.9ƒÊg, vitamin E: 1.1mg, calcium: 135mg, phosphorus: 59mg, magnesium: 16mg, iron: 1.4mg, niacin: 1.4mg, folic acid: 31ƒÊg, pantothenic acid: 1.1mg linoleic acid: 450mg, ƒ¿- linolenic acid: 45mg, DHA: 10mg, lutein: 18ƒÊg, lactoferrin: 9mg, lactulose: 90mg, galactooligosaccharides: 90mg items view all of the description
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