Tranquil Moments Baby Monitor & Sleep Sounds

Brookstone Baby Monitor and Sleep Sounds - all in one device! Our Tranquil Moments Baby Monitor helps lull your child to sleep and lets you keep an eye on your baby without the need for separate devices. Monitor your baby via Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smartphone... complete with night vision. Keep an eye on baby day or night over your home Wi-Fi network. Simply download the companion app to any iOS or Android device that's Wi-Fi enabled, then place our unique monitor with remote-controlled camera on a convenient bureau, table or wall. It streams live video and audio (or even app-driven still images) to your smartphone or tablet. Don't worry about privacy - using your local network means that only YOU can view your baby! Monitor will only stream to the devices connected to your local Wi-Fi network. Audio and video are not available on your smartphone or tablet once you leave your home. By using your own local Wi-Fi connection, you also don't need to worry about data charges on your smartphone.
Dimensions: 640 x 840 x 1040
Color: White
Package quantity: 1

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