Organic Wheat Baby Cereal Made with Sprouted Whole Grain Wheat 7 Oz. (198 g) - 2 Pack

Our baby cereal is made entirely from sprouted grains, dried and preserved at the exponential growth phase to provide your children with the nutrition for an energized life. Sprouting unlocks the energy and nutrition trapped inside the dormant grain. Test results show increased vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics in sprouted flours. We recognize the growing need for adults and children to eat healthier at all stages in life. These organic, sprouted baby cereal flakes are for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you add them to your smoothie to make it a power smoothie or just add milk and feed it to your baby, you are making a difference.
Dimensions: 260 x 610 x 920
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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