Baby Safety Latches Locks for Furniture Childproofing Dressers to Cabinets Sliding Non-Magneting Creamed 6 Pack by BabyWard

Let your child play safely!If your first priorities are child safety and security, give yourself peace of mind by childproofing your home with BabyWard's Baby Proof Cabinet Locks. Childproof your home the easy way with the power of baby locks and 3M adhesive tape. The latches fit all types of baby furniture easily and can be used in any room.✅ This convenient child proofing tool provides home protection with easy installation✅ Install the drawer locks without the use of a drill or tools✅ Simply attach the latches using the adhesive outside of your cupboards, toilet bowl, window gate, kitchen utilities, etc✅ The tape is easy to remove and you won't be left with unsightly holes from screws✅ You can reuse the latches with different furniture!Get the safety you need without worrying about your home design. Your furniture and home will look great with the cream-colored protection of the Cabinet Locks!The locks are made of strong, BPA-free plastic to secure doors while caring for your toddlers health. Lock your personal items up without worry, the flexible latches provide protection for all drawers. Don't worry about losing a magnetic key, the slide door lock doesn't have keys! An adult can unlock them, but they will keep children out!As a special gift, BabyWard is including extra 3M adhesive tape so that you can reuse the baby items. Also included with purchase is a small eraser that allows you to remove any marks left behind by the glue once latches have been removed from furniture. This way, you can protect your toddler without destroying the beauty of your home furniture.Don't be fooled by other products that won't offer you the same protection as these baby proofing cabinet locks. BabyWard can't be responsible for cheap knockoffs that will break easily and might be toxic for your child!Get your family the safety and protection it deserves with Baby Safety Locks today!
Dimensions: 146 x 276 x 906
Color: Off-White

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