MegaFood - Kids Daily B-Centered Booster, 30 Servings (1.1 oz)

MegaFood Kid's Daily Booster powders are boosting up breakfast time so you can take the tug-of-war out of your mornings! Current research shows that the average child?s diet doesn?t provide the nourishment required for optimal growth, development & overall well-being. Supplementation of a multivitamin is highly recommended to fill in common nutritional gaps during this important phase of growth. MegaFood is proud to introduce 3 unique formulations to meet the changing nutritional needs of children throughout the year. Add a nourishing boost to any smoothie, shake or beverage without adding any additional sugars, sweeteners, flavorings, colorings or preservatives to your child?s diet. Kids daily booster formulas are made with farm fresh whole foods, herbs and FoodState Nutrients to support health and well-being of children 5 years of age or older!
Dimensions: 290 x 320 x 430
Size: 30 Servings (1.1 oz)
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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