Baiyea Baby Care Wipes Dispenser Wipe Warmer

The wipe warmer and baby toothbrush is truly indispensable for all new parents and makes a perfect shower gift.they are healthier for baby because they clean germs better and faster than cold wipes, and this helps fight diaper rash. Wipes warmer &baby teether get great after sales service: 2 year warranty for the functions Functions: The wipe warmer Takes the "jolt" out of cold baby wipes. Healthier and more take care for babies because warm wipes clean better and faster. LIFETIME warranty Use the Baby Wipes Dispenser can inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew Diaper disposal bags Protect baby's sensitive bottom and skin. it helps fight diaper rash! Also You would never wash your face with a cold washcloth. Prolonged heating can makes the wipes dry and hard, so the wipe warmer designed to heat on the top 5~7 pieces wipes get warm. so you always get the perfect temperature wipe The wipes warmer is truly indispensable for a family especially for our baby. it makes a perfect shower gift for others also Model: XHX-632 Material: PP +ABS Without BPA Voltage: 110-220V~50Hz Power: 10W Gross Weight: ≤0.6kg Note Note: Wipes not included Welcome you: Now for your family health, enjoy the life,Add it to the Cart.
Dimensions: 512 x 709 x 1024
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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