AFYOU Non Contact Baby Smart Thermometer Ambient Body Object Temp Tracking(Primrose)

When thermometer is plugged in the mobile phone, it can affect some operations of your phone such as making or answering calls, please always unplug thermometer when not in use. Leaving thermometer plugged in when not in use will deplete the button cells. Once high temperature objects have been measured, immediately move thermometer away from the object to protect the sensor. Feature: Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. Measures: Body Temp, Object Temp, Ambient Temp. Accurately measures body temperature in 2 seconds. 45 degree viewing angle. Smartphone connect thermometer with easy display. Convenient data display Fahrenheit or Celsius. Record & Track Data. Connector: 3.5mm phone jack. Measure Distance: 3-5cm. Battery Cells: LR41/AG3/L736. Measuring Range: Human body:32-44℃(89.6-111.2℉), Object:0-300℃ (32-572℉). Accuracy Parameter: For body temp, the accuracy is ±0.2ºC For Ambient temp, the accuracy is ±1ºC For Object temp, the accuracy is ± 1ºC under 100ºC and 2% for 100-300ºC FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How to download App? Search "Wishbone Thermometer" in App Store or Google Play. Can it read Celsius? Yes, you can. The item can be switched between Fahrenheit or Celsius. Which Android and IOS device support? Please refer the phone model in attached picture.
Dimensions: 100 x 210 x 250
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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