Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer - Pink

Warm Little Buns = Happy Little Buns Why startle your baby with cold, uncomfortable wipes when you can use soft, warm ones? Bundle Tumble's ComfyClean wipe warmer will take the tears out of diaper changing by providing the comfiest feel on your baby’s sensitive skin. Our warmer utilizes steam warming technology, holding up to 80 standard size baby wipes at a time. Unique and Convenient Design The ComfyClean features an adorable white and aqua design, conveniently equipped with a larger lid for re-stocking baby wipes, and a little grey lid for dispensing the wipes. Safe and Durable We know that safety is of the utmost importance in a family home, so we have installed a temperature cap, making the ComfyClean fire-hazard free as well as neutralizing threat of burns. The ComfyClean is made of quality materials including BPA-free ABS plastics. It also contains electrothermal film and a non-slip mat to hold the absorbent cotton sheet (to be replaced every three months to prevent mold or bacteria). Other Fabulous Features The ComfyClean wipe warmer features an indicator light to ensure it is working properly. It will turn green when the unit has reached its optimal temperature and is ready to provide warm wipes. It is also economical, with power consumption of only 10 watts. Nothing Better Than a Comfortable Baby As any mother can attest, when the baby is comfy and happy, so is everyone else. So here at Bundle Tumble we know just how important the comfort of your little one is. Babies have enough to fret over with teething and boo-boos, they shouldn't have to add cold wipes to the equation! So get your ComfyClean today to help make diaper changing a better experience!
Dimensions: 530 x 690 x 980
Color: Pink
Condition: New

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