BSTPOWER Baby Thermometer Forehead Digital Infrared Non Contact Instant Read 3 Color Backlight Fever Alert with Body & Surface Modes FDA Approved

Still want more? Take a look at how many other great features this thermometer has and why it stands out from its competition! Easy to clean-Any thermometer that comes into contact with your baby will need to be cleaned after use. This baby infrared non-contact thermometer is easy to clean, making the whole process a LOT easier. Avoid thermometers with ridges and other features that can hide gunk and germs. Larger screen than ear thermometer and traditional thermometer - The larger screen make the result easier to read. Backlit display - you will be able to read your baby thermometer in the dark. Especially helpful for taking your baby's temperature in the middle of the night. Memory - With built in memory allows you to recall and cycle through the last 34 temperatures that you recorded. Great for comparing daily temperature changes. Completion alert - A slight beep that lets you know that the thermometer has finished taking it's reading. You can also set the mute mode if you don't want to disturb the baby. Temperature warning indicator - The screen of the thermometer will change color to warn you when your baby's temperature is too high. Automatic Sleep- Auto shut off in 7 seconds, more efficient in power saving. Fahrenheit and Celsius - Easy to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius at the press of a button. FDA RoHS CE approved- Recommended by medical experts. Safe, consistent and reliable.
Dimensions: 213 x 583 x 772
Color: Purple
Condition: New

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