Chakka Snowblokka Waterproof Stay On Nylon Kid's Snow Mittens with Extra Long Sleeve - Black Small

Chakka Snowblokka Nylon mittens are the must have winter mitten for kids. Chakka Snowblokka mittens are made with Waterproof with 3M Thinsulate lining. Chakka Snowblokka Mittens extra long Sleeve keeps your child extra protected all the way into your sleeve. Put the mittens on before the coat and they won't fall off! Chakka Snowblokka mittens are made specifically to prevent snow from sliding down the Sleeves of your child's jacket. Great for sledding, snowboarding, skiing and playing in the snow. Kids stay warmer and play outside longer. Available sizes are - Small (Ages 1-2) - Medium (Ages 2-6) - Large (Ages 6-11)
Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 700
Size: Small (Ages 1-2)
Color: Black
Condition: New

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