SUPER PREMIUM 20.4 Ft of Edge And Corner Guards (Includes 8 PRE-TAPED Corner Guards). Stylish Brown Color PLUS 6-Pack Home Safety Electric Plug Protectors. Keep Toddlers Safe While They Learn to Walk

Protect Your Little Bundle of Joy Without Restricting Their Natural Urge to Move Around & Explore With Linden Tree Baby Corner Guards! There are two things that are true about all toddlers as they began to walk: * They love to explore * And they fall down... a lot Unfortunately, many toddlers end up falling into furniture and suffering bumps, cuts, scrapes and worse. That's where Linden Tree Baby Edge and Corner Bumpers come into play. These high density, ultra-protective baby edge guards and baby safety bumpers take the danger out your toddler's desire to explore and give you peace of mind. No longer will you have to constantly be giving directions to your baby and no longer will you have to crawl along beside them as they move around. With Linden Tree Baby Corner Guards you'll be able to watch from a distance knowing your child is safe. Linden Tree Baby safety corner guards: * Are soft and protective * Can be easily affixed to sharp edges and corners * Can also be used in nursing homes, child daycare centers, restaurants and more... Plus, when you order now, you'll also receive an extra 6 pack of our premium electric safety plugs - AND we'll even provide additional 3M Tape should you run out during installation. That's a total of 20 feet of cushioning and 8 corner guards and 6 safety electric plugs. So proceed with confidence and look back on this day completely satisfied that you made the right decision to buy the best edge and corner guards on Amazon from the only company offering LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee. You will be completely satisfied... So order NOW!!! And when you DO consider getting two. One for yourself and one for your very best friend!!!!
Dimensions: 213 x 1283 x 1323
Size: 17ft + 8 Corners
Color: Brown
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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