Transparent Baby Bumper Strip Baby Safety Corner Protector Table Edge Corner Cushion Strip (2m)

NoticeBefore pasting the bumper into the edge of the table,please use the boiling water to soak it for a few minutes. DescriptionIt remains an uphill task for parents,caregivers and babysitters to keep vigil over our active children at every single juncture. Kids inevitably run around during playtime and bump their heads into objects from time to time. No, we shouldn't prevent healthy play tendencies.But we can and should make our homes play-safe! Therefore, we at Cunina have devoted time and energy to the sourcing and manufacturing of the highest quality child protective guards. You love your children.So do we we here at Cunina. Ask: Do I really need this item? A must have item at home for our baby.We love our children. But we can't stay with them all the time to keep them away from accidental injury in daily life. We don't know when the children get bump pain when they run,explore and play games at home.To solve this problem,to leave them a safe environment,our edge protectors are designed.Choose this product and help you protect your children.Ask: This clear strip better than foam one? The foam strip used a lot in last few months,it is wide use now, soft and protective,but it will release in long time use,you little guy will tear it out easily,even they will bite the soft foam and eat the piece if you dont stop it.The Cunina clear strip have much better adhesive tape,hope the strip firmly, even an adlut can not easily remove it.Ask: Where can I use it with?It can be used on the desk,table,wall,any place with not friendly corner or edge,it can be used in wood, glass,aluminum alloy,ceramic tile,marble, metal,cement,etc.With the surface of appliance and furniture,household supplies.
Dimensions: 118 x 630 x 630
Size: 2m
Color: Clear
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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