KLICHPARTS Medical Baby Instant Read Digital Thermometer for Kids (white)

HOW TO USE: 1.Press ON/OFF button to activate.The unit would beep and display.This LCD display test will go on for about 2 seconds. 2.When L and flashing ℃(°F)displays,the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring. 3.But if the room temperature is higer than 32.0℃(89.6°F),the room temperature would be displayed instead of L℃(L°F). 4.The beep will sound when temperature measuring is complete.And the degree sign of ℃(°F)on the LCD will stop flashing. 5.During measuremet:LCD will display "Lo ℃" or "Lo °F" if the measured temperature is below 32℃(89.6°F)or will display "Hi℃" or "Hi°F"if the measures temperature is above 42.0℃/107.6°F will display "Hi℃" or "Hi°F". 6.The thermometer will automatically turn off in about 10 minutes for energy-saving.It is suggested to press the On/Off button to turn the thermometer off once the test is finished. 7.Please dispose exhausted battery and thermometer according to the relevant law. PRECAUTION: Do not drop thermometer.It is not shock proof. Battery and cap can be dismantled,keep out of the reach of children. Do not bend thermometer. Do not boil the probe. Do not store thermometer in direct sunlight. Do not use beside any electrical equipment. Do not attempt to disassemble thermometer except replacing the battery.
Color: White
Condition: New

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