Leezo LCD Digital Mouth Nipple Pacifier Thermometer Temperature for Practical Baby Kid (blue)

Temperature Range: 32°C - 42°C/89.6°F - 107.6°F Measuring Times: 3 Minutes(Approx.) Accuracy:±0.1°C/0.2°F Powered by: 1 x Button Battery (included) Temperature Showing: Liquid crystal Number showing. Color:Blue,Pink Package Included: 1x Baby LCD Digital Pacifier Thermometer Features: 1. Designed specifically to fit babies and measure baby's temperature easily in 3 minutes 2. The current is measured and displayed once the digital degree sign °C/°F stops flashing. 3. Definitely safe to baby and no harm to the environment because no mercury is used. 4. Beeper function 5. Auto shut-offfunction after usage 6. Taking Temperature Quickly 7. Accurate Showing of Number 8. Convenient, accurate, and hygienic for usage 9. Peak-hold and auto shut-off functions. 10. Break-resistant and child-safe probe. 11. High Accuracy and fast response, easy to read digital display. Operation Instructions: 1) Press power switch to turn on unit. 2) Position Nipple in mouth. Wait for beeper sound(for beeper type only). 3) Read temperature. 4) Press power switch to turn off unit. 5) Auto shut-off function after usage.
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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