Baby Bandana Bib for Drooling and Teething, 100% Soft Organic Absorbent Cotton, Hypoallergenic – Unisex Gift Set 7-Pack by Vicsou

Baby Drooling can be annoying not only for the babies (wetness) but for parents too (frequent changing of clothes). However, it's time to be happy than being irritated as it's an indication that the salivary glands of your creation, your baby, have started working well! Vicsou Bandana Bibs come in a set of 7 pieces and makes life a lot easier & worry-free for you as it's much more convenient to change and wash a bandana bib than a dress! They are Perfect for Newborns, Weaning Babies, Teething Toddlers! Vicsou Bandana bibs will keep your baby dry even with lots of drool and dribble. They're great for drooling and teething babies. It's like a cute baby scarf, but it's functional too! Product MaterialFront: 100% Organic Cotton Back: 90% Cotton + 10% Polyester Fleece Why Choose Our Vicsou Bandana Drool Bibs?1. We use high-quality material and the bibs are complies with US and European safety standards. And they come in unique and beautiful prints - making these ideal bandana bibs for boys or girls.2. Soft and Comfortable to wear. 3. The double layered design of our bandana baby bibs helps in intelligent moisture management. The front layer is made up of 100% cotton which has high absorption capacity to restrict any fluid from crossing the bib's boundaries. The back side has a polyester fleece which resists moisture and prevents it from passing through to your baby's clothes. All that helping him/her keep dry and protect against drool rashes and reflux.4. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with our baby bandana drool bibs for their effectiveness in protecting your baby's cloth from drools, dribbles, spit ups, etc., their soft and comfortable fabric, adjustable design and beautiful prints, and will love yourselves for the decision of buying the set.Order it Now and Let Your Baby Drool in Style!
Dimensions: 240 x 488 x 780
Color: 7-Pack
Condition: New

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