Mary Meyer Hedgehog Rattle, Taggies Petals

Baby will love this soft hedgehog with a rattle inside. It's squeezable and shakable, with plenty of satin tags for baby to grab and explore. Taggies was born over a decade ago when a mom noticed her child's fascination with satin tags. This idea blossomed into a world of treasured products. Exploring Taggies textured tags can provide tactile stimulation that babies crave for development and have an amazing calming effect on little ones. Taggies Signature Collection is recognized as the premium line of wonderfully soft and soothing Taggies toys made by Mary Meyer. At Mary Meyer, we continually strive to design extraordinary products of outstanding quality, all the while keeping an eye on customer service and value.
Dimensions: 140 x 230 x 500
Color: Taggies Petals
Package quantity: 1

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