Floral Baby Monthly Milestone Stickers (Set of 20) - Birth to 12 Months + 7 Bonus Achievement Stickers

Our Peachly monthly baby stickers feature 20 floral themed stickers to help you capture your baby's most precious moments during their first year of life! Each milestone sticker has been designed by our very talented artist, and recent mother, Kay. When she's not chasing around her little daughter, she's hard at work designing gorgeous pieces for Mammas all around the world. What You Will Get You will receive 20 of our cute baby stickers to mark each of the major and monthly milestones of your baby.Just born1-11 months1 year oldI slept through the nightI said my first word!I can sit up!I can crawl!I got my first toothI can stand!I can walk!How To Use ThemJust Peel, Stick, Snap! It's that's simple! There are four stickers to a sheet and all you have to do is peel off the sticker, stick it on your baby's chest or pillow, and snap away! The stickers are adjustable, so there's no worry if your little one wriggles around and you need to readjust or take the picture a little later. They're also durable so that they won't crease or tear if your bub's hands go wondering. Pro-tip: Once you've finished using the sticker you can put it in a scrapbook to document all the loving memories.Perfect GiftThese are perfect for expecting mothers as a baby shower gift, or a thoughtful gift for new mammas who want a hassle-free and unique way to mark the milestones of their new bub.Perfect SizeEach sticker is 4 inches in diameter to make sure all the images and text are visible and clear when you have that split second to take the perfect snap!Perfect PicturesOur anti-glare matte material makes sure you can spend more time taking hundreds of pics and less time worry about whether your photos are clear and crisp!
Dimensions: 16 x 902 x 1012
Condition: New

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