Baby Forehead Thermometer for Kids - Gift Bear Set Non-Contact Infrared Fast and Accurate Digital Temperature Check Fever for Infants Children or Adults Plus Measure Body Temp by Armstrong Amerika

"I Love How Simple and Fast this Intelligent Non-Touch Thermometer is, I Won't be Going Back to my Annoying Old Fashioned Glass One" - LucyYou Won't Believe How Quick it Works. It's Time You took Some of the Hassle out of Looking after Your Loved ones. No More Naughty or Unwell Kids not holding their Armpit Still or Spiting Out the Old Glass Types.It's fun to use, you'll find yourself testing everything in the house. It's great for testing milk, food, baths pretty much anything you can think of Armstrong AmerikaTM - Why's it the Pharmacies #1 Choice? - Test for Highest Accuracy - Silent Mode, Bright Screen On/Off - Simple & Fast to Use - 2 in 1 - Body & Object Modes - Large Screen - With Fever Alert - Built in Memory so you won't Miss any Changes - Quickly Switch Between Celsius & Fahrenheit - Don't Waste Batteries with Auto Shut-Off How it Works - It's So Simple 1. Turn On, (IR Device Will Automatically Calibrate the Room Temp) 2. Point at Forehead at Distance of 2 to 5 inches (5 -15cm) 3. Press Measurement Button 4. Result is Displayed in Under 1 Second - Wow! What's in the Box: - 1 Precision Pro Infrared Thermometer - 1 Handy Travel Bag - 1 Easy to Follow Instruction Booklet Please note: Batteries are not included Add to Cart Today to Optimize Your Family's Health and Take Some of the Stress Out of Looking After Your ChildrenAll Our Pain Relief Products are Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty - We know they're that good. Check them all out Today. Buy more and save across our entire range - Wholesale Orders Welcome
Dimensions: 228 x 488 x 709
Color: Thermometer Plus Bear
Condition: New

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