Gaterol Active Lite White - Retractable Safety Gate - Super Safe 36.6" Tall and Opens up to 55"

Gaterol Active Lite - Our innovative design offers safe functionality, appealing design and a family friendly price.• Super Safe 36.6" Tall because taller is safer. Fits narrow and wide openings from 18" to 55"• No threshold when open means risk of tripping has been eliminated.• Install at top and bottom of stairways, in doorways, on patios, hallways...indoor and outdoor use.• 2 sets of mounting brackets allowing the alternate usage at two different locations. • Proven to be used with your Child and/or Pets. Mesh is scratch resistant.• Can be operated with one hand. If not needed roll it up. Minimal space requirements.• Shaking and rattling the unit will not knock it over since it is securely fastened with screws.• Your child's fingers cannot be jammed or pinched.• As there are no metal screen bars, head injuries are prevented should your child rave.• A warning sound will alert you if the gate opens unintentionally.Be aware of saving options when purchasing more than one gate at a time.Safety WarningsSafety gates are approved for children from the crawling stage to 24 months.When attached and used as instructed, this product complies with ASTM F1004.This safety gate is for domestic and indoor use only.WARNING! This safety gate must not be fitted across windows.WARNING! Read the instructions before installation, as incorrect installation can be dangerous.
Dimensions: 169 x 409 x 3630
Size: 1 Unit
Color: White
Condition: New

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