Nurtured by Nature Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers, XX-Large Size 6, 20 count (Pack of 4)

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Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers Nurtured by Nature diapers take an innovative environmental approach while incorporating super premium diaper quality. For the first time a diaper that respects your baby's skin, performs like a super premium diaper, and offers a competitive price. Like the highest quality premium brands, Nurtured by Nature offers a stretch waist, full-stretch side panels, premium absorbency (with a bio-based absorbent) and a design-printed backsheet.   The environmental impact of Nurtured by Nature diapers is very different from leading national brands. Approximately two-thirds of the materials used in the leading diaper brands are synthetic and are derived from non-renewable resources. The production of these materials consumes valuable petrochemical resources and in some cases creates adverse environmental impacts. Features: Totally Chlorine Free Pulp Unique Bio-Based Absorbent Material Backsheet and Topsheet material made from annually renewable resources 20-30% less petroleum-based materials vs. the Leading Brands 30-40% more sustainable materials vs. the Leading Brands Full Stretch Side Panels Comparable features and performance to rremium products Nurtured by Nature Diapers are designed to reduce the environmental footprint created by the production and consumption of disposable diapers. Unlike most diapers, the absorbent padding material in Nurtured by Nature diapers is totally Chlorine-Free. Dioxins and organochlorides are not released into the air or water. Nurtured by Nature diapers also use less synthetic gel material in the absorbent core by blending an innovative bio-based absorbent matieral with traditional absorbent gel material. Natural materials reduce use of petrochemicals Nurtured by Nature's environmentally-sensitive diaper uses backsheet and topsheet nonwovens that contain 50% Ingeo Fiber. What is Ingeo™? Ingeo™ fiber is made from polylactide, a revolutionary new naturally derived  material that comes from 100% annually renewable resources not oil. Ingeo™ represents the lowest carbon footprint polymer available in the world today. The entire manufacturing process from field to polymer uses 68% less fossil resources than comparable petroleum plastics. Nurtured by Nature's environmentally-sensitive Diapers use 20-30% LESS petroleum based materials and 30-40% MORE sustainable materials than the leading brands. If 10% of the disposable diapers in the U.S. were environmentally-sensitive  Diapers, it would reduce the consumption of petrochemical based materials by more than 20 million pounds.
Dimensions: 950 x 1000 x 1720
Size: 6
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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