Seventh Generation Free and Clear Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers with Animal Prints, Size 6, 20 Count (Pack of 4)

Price: $48.00

(as of January 27, 2018 6:55 pm - Details)


Did You Know! Our Free & Clear diapers are now made without whitening of any kind! Which means Free & Clear Diapers are now manufactured using LESS Water, LESS Energy and FEWER Trees than any diaper we’ve made before! It’s a change that makes our diapers kinder to the environment while giving you the same great diaper you’ve always loved. Free & Clear Diapers. THE ONLY DISPOSABLE DIAPER MADE WITH NO WHITENING .We let our diaper’s absorbent fiber core go “natural” to give you everything you want in a baby diaper – and nothing you don’t! Exactly the same soft and comfortable fit, baby-pleasing performance and super absorbency as our previous Free & Clear diaper with absolutely no chlorine processing or whitening. In fact, it’s the only disposable diaper available today with no whitening!
Dimensions: 930 x 980 x 1490
Size: 6
Package quantity: 4

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